Announcement: Natron Energy currently offers BlueTray, BluePack, and BlueRack battery systems for use with industrial power equipment only. Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products. If you purchased any type of Natron battery or battery module from a 3rd party, please read this important disclaimer:

Solutions for Customers

Natron’s unique chemistry provides the flexibility, performance and safety needed to realize your objectives.

Safely enabling the IT power platforms of tomorrow – today

Natron helps Technology Innovators accelerate their time to deployment be it standing-up a traditional data center where AHJs challenge conventional designs to enabling entirely new modular builds, e-houses delivered over-the-road with prepackaged sodium-ion battery back-up. From OCP / Open-19 platforms and Edge Cabinets to software defined power and energy injection systems Natron is ready to help power your vision.

Risk-Free by design

When it comes to ensuring your IT battery back-up or software-defined-power system is field-ready, capable of rapid deployment Natron’s sodium-ion cell technology provides the risk-free, peak-power, rapid discharge/charge, availability you need.

FIRE CODE IS Natron’s Friend

National Fire Protection Code 855 (2020) provides guidelines for all fire departments on protection and safety requirements for energy storage.

Fundamentally targeted at Li-Ion installations to protect first responders, and can create massive and expensive fire prevention and suppression requirements for developers and data center owners. 64 sqft. floorspace per 1 Li-ion battery cabinet.

Natron’s “clean sheet” UL 9540a test results at the cell level exempt integration partners and customers from expensive testing and fire suppression requirements.

A plurality of data center customers will not accept Li-ion in their data center compute areas.

*Every fire department is different, and some jurisdictions may take even stricter approaches than recommended standard (even tougher on Li-ion).

Technology Power Platforms Delivered

From standard UL Listed 1U rack-mount batteries to Edge Cabinets, battery cabinets & enclosures, UPS systems, and software defined power systems Natron and our integration partners can address your back-up power requirements. Let us demonstrate what sodium-ion batteries can do to reliably and safely enable your technology power application worry -free for years to come.

Rapid Recharge

No risks to secondary outages

-20 to +35C Operation

Free-air cooling compatible


UL 1973 approved


Safely deploy anywhere, quickly

For data center operators focused on deploying a sustainable power eco-system, Natron’s sodium-ion batteries represent a compelling choice.Kevin Kent
CEO Critical Facility Efficiency Solutions

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power