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Data Centers & Critical Power

The Power behind Carbon-Neutral Data Center Ecosystems.

Data Center

Power up Your Peace of Mind.

Data centers rely on backup power systems, and those systems only work with proper batteries to supply power "right now" when there is a power outage or power anomaly. The increase of Artificial Intelligence (AI) loads has changed the landscape of data center critical power requirements and high power, high cycle battery solutions are now more important than ever.

No other battery is as suited to this critical need as Natron's BluePack. Able to provide 100% of its rated power over a two-minute discharge period, and even more than 100% under two minutes, it can also be rapidly recharged and is available immediately and without need for any thermal settling or cooling. This is contrasted to numerous lithium and nickel-zinc battery chemistries that require significant cooling time, require active cooling systems fraught with single points of failure, and decrease reliability in a critical power battery system. Natron’s sodium-ion batteries offer superior reliability and industry-leading lifecycle capacity and require minimal maintenance when compared to other data center battery solutions. Why risk your critical or AI load with any other type of battery?

BluePack™ Critical Power Battery

Designed for 48V to 480V critical power applications, the BluePack™ Critical Power Battery offers unparalleled safety along with the highest power and longest life on the market.

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes or less, ready immediately

  • No settling or thermal waiting required

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

  • >50,000 deep discharge cycles

  • Twice the power of lithium-ion

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Natron Bluepack Battery

BlueRack™ 250 Battery Cabinet

As a scalable power platform from 25 kW to multi-MW, the BlueRack™ Battery Cabinet delivers safe, reliable power on demand.

  • Rapid Cycle-Rate 100-0 100% SOC repeatedly no wait

  • Industry leading power capacity and performance

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes, ready immediately

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

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Bluerack 250 Battery Crop

BlueTray™ 4000

Safe and high-powered, the BlueTray™ 4000 is a rack-mounted battery pack that delivers long life to critical power applications.

  • Up to twice the power of lead acid with full discharge in as fast as 30 seconds

  • Battery life exceeds rack life with over 50,000 cycles

  • Lower CAPEX and improved 5-year TCO compared to traditional batteries

  • Significantly improves PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)—no dedicated cooling required

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Natron BlueTray Battery

Easing ESG Concerns.

Our unique battery chemistry delivers more than just superior performance. It’s a data center battery solution made from abundant and ethically sourced materials. This means both in better sustainability and a more secure supply chain.

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Data Center Safest Battery

The Safest Battery on the Planet.

Natron batteries offer safety that is simply unmatched in the industry. Non-flammable and incapable of thermal runaway, our technology passed every UL 9450A test for mechanical, electrical, and thermal abuse or internal short circuit – including when shot by a bullet.


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