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Battery Safety on a Whole New Level.

Natron Energy’s sodium-ion batteries are inherently safe, non-hazardous, and nonflammable.

Taking Fire out of the Equation.

Our unique sodium-ion technology features chemistry and construction that cannot be induced to thermal runaway and won’t catch fire or explode after puncture, pressure, heat, or electric faults. In short, we're taking battery safety to a whole new level.

BATTERY SAFETY TEST: Natron Sodium-Ion vs. Lithium-Ion

Ready to ship batteries
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Ready to Ship.

Unlike other battery chemistries, Natron sodium-ion batteries are not considered hazardous goods and can be shipped fully charged and pre-installed in a battery cabinet.

The Safest Battery Ever Made.

We are the first sodium-ion battery to earn a UL 1973 listing and offer a level of battery safety far beyond anything else on the market.


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