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Natron Energy. We’ve built a better battery.

At Natron Energy, we’re changing the way the world looks at critical power and industrial batteries for high-powered applications like AI, data centers, peak shaving, and power quality management. Natron sodium-ion solutions outperform, are significantly safer, and are far more sustainable than lithium-ion options.

Natron Energy Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Build America. Buy America. With products sourced from minerals readily available in the U.S. and manufactured in Michigan, Natron Energy is a U.S. company that meets BABA requirements.

The Power of Blue.

The secret behind Natron's sodium-ion batteries is our patented use of Prussian blue electrodes. Prussian blue, when combined with sodium ions, creates a chemistry that delivers super-fast charging and power delivery, with no friction. It’s that lack of friction that enables our batteries to last much longer (over 50,000 cycles). And it creates a battery that’s incapable of thermal runaway, incredibly safe, and made entirely from abundant and readily available resources.


BluePack™ Critical Power Battery

A 25kW, 48-volt battery for systems up to 812 volts is a safer, more sustainable alternative to lithium-ion.

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BlueRack™ 250 Battery Cabinet

This V80 VDC Industrial Battery Cabinet delivers safe, reliable high power on demand with a full recharge in under 15 minutes.

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BlueTray™ 4000

Delivering 4kW at 48V DC over a 2-minute discharge with a 6kW peak power rating, the BlueTray can cycle over 50,000 times.

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Natron Bluepack Battery Bluerack 250 Battery Crop Natron BlueTray Battery
100% Nonflammable
0% Conflict materials used
10x Up to 10x more discharge cycles than lithium-ion

At Natron Energy, our batteries are transforming industries like:


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