Natron is
industrial power

We change the way the world’s
biggest electricity consumers use power.

Natron Prussian Blue
Sodium–Ion Battery

Good for the environment, great for business

Natron’s sodium-based battery chemistry stores and releases energy, more often, and more efficiently than any other battery available in the world.


Cycle Lifetime

Rapid Recharge

In 8 Minutes


UL 1973 Approved


No Fire Hazard

At CE+T we choose to use Natron’s sodium-ion battery for our most demanding applcations where our clients appreciate the safety, long-life, availability, rapid cycle-rate while also taking advantage of the many environmental benefits of this innovative chemistry. Unlike lithium, the Natron battery doesn’t require moving and processing 800,000 pounds of dirt to deliver its incredible performance.Mario Barbaresso
CEO CE+T Americas

Solutions for Data Centers

Delivering the cornerstone for a carbon-neutral data center eco-system.

Solutions for Industrial Mobility

Maximizing asset utilization and minimizing operating expenses.

Solutions for Telecom

Powerful, long life, and 100% fire safe batteries for critical telecom infrastructure.

EV Fast Charging

Natron’s battery recharges rapidly, and is ready to charge vehicles faster than any other battery technology.

Solutions for Customers

Keep your business going using the latest innovation in battery technology. Natron works with your current tech stack while improving workflow when the power grid is on or off.

Solutions for Integration Partners

Natron batteries are available from our strategic partners as stand-alone batteries or complete integrated solutions to fit your application.

Help us create safe, sustainable, long-life energy storage for demanding industries.