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Industrial Battery Solutions

Raising Performance. Lowering Emissions.

Industrial Oil and Gas Factory

Oil and Gas

Our sodium-ion batteries are helping major players in the oil and gas industry significantly lower their costs and their carbon emissions by reducing their use of diesel generators.

The Natron battery system manages peak loads from seconds up to minutes and fully recharges in less than 15 minutes. Based upon this typical oil rig system configuration, a Natron battery system is estimated to result in a CO2 reduction of greater than 30%, fuel savings of over 20%, and an ROI of less than two years.

When working with a parallel series of generators, Natron’s industrial battery system’s safe, reliable, and high-power energy allows it to displace one generator. By hybridizing these generators, companies can save hundreds of thousands of gallons of diesel a year at every site.

BluePack™ Critical Power Battery

Designed for 48V to 480V critical power applications, the BluePack™ Critical Power Battery offers unparalleled safety along with the highest power and longest life on the market.

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes or less, ready immediately

  • No settling or thermal waiting required

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

  • >50,000 deep discharge cycles

  • Twice the power of lithium-ion

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Natron Bluepack Battery

BlueRack™ 250 Battery Cabinet

As a scalable power platform from 25 kW to multi-MW, the BlueRack™ Battery Cabinet delivers safe, reliable power on demand.

  • Rapid Cycle-Rate 100-0 100% SOC repeatedly no wait

  • Industry leading power capacity and performance

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes, ready immediately

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

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Bluerack 250 Battery Crop
Industrial Utilities


Meeting the unique needs of backup power systems for switchgear and substations, our sodium-ion batteries can accept inrush current and offer a better performing alternative to industry-standard batteries without the space requirements, safety concerns, or shorter lifecycle associated with lead-acid batteries.


Aviation Ground Support

Our sodium-ion batteries’ ability to deliver an immense power load quickly and even in inclement weather makes it the ideal power solution for recharging ground service equipment (GSE). Our industrial batteries are not flammable, pose no risk when used in air taxi situations near jet fuel storage and vehicles, and they allow airport operations to better manage electrical demand. In addition, since our batteries are not hazardous and are made from abundant materials, they also help achieve industry decarbonization goals.

Industrial Cranes

By converting crane ultracapacitors to Natron sodium-ion batteries, companies are lowering operating costs with a reliable solution that delivers an extremely fast discharge to handle peak load shaving.


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