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The Science of Sodium.

Sodium-ion battery technology is smart, safe, and sustainable.

Battery Chemistry Comparison

Industrial power utilizes decades old, environmentally hazardous battery technology. Natron’s revolutionary sodium-ion battery technology leverages Prussian Blue electrode materials to deliver a high power, high cycle life, completely fire safe battery solution that’s created sustainably with abundantly available elements.

A data table comparing Natron's Sodium-ion battery to Lithium-ion and Lead Acid batteries.

Natron Energy’s sodium-based battery offers clear advantages over lithium-ion and other battery chemistries. It’s a mix of safety, performance, and sustainability that’s transforming the world of industrial power.

Natron Charging Chemistry Process

Plug in to Better Performance.

Natron’s sodium-based chemistry stores and releases energy, more often and more efficiently than any other battery available in the world.

Prussian blue material

Sustainably Sourced.

Unlike lithium-ion batteries that rely on conflict materials, Natron Energy’s sodium-ion batteries are built using only abundantly available elements and offer unmatched sustainability.

Unmatched Safety.

Natron sodium-ion batteries cannot be induced to thermal runaway, don’t leak dangerous chemicals, and don’t need a containment system to be certified as inflammable.