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A Blue Battery for a Greener Planet.

Unlike other battery chemistries, Natron’s sodium-ion technology is made from minerals that are abundant and found in the U.S., creating a more sustainable battery.

Natron Energy BluePack

The Sustainable Alternative.

From sourcing through disposal, Natron sodium-ion batteries set the new standard for life cycle sustainability and decarbonization. While many other batteries rely on cobalt, lithium, nickel, and zinc, all of which are already in short supply with demand expected to triple, our sustainable batteries are made from minerals that are easily, safely, and ethically sourced.

In fact, the only mined materials used in Natron sodium-ion batteries are iron oxide and manganese oxide, both of which are the waste product from other industrial processes. This all but eliminates the need for mining new minerals.

Natron Energy ESG

Your Company’s ESG Story Just Found Its Hero.

Made with abundant materials and containing no raw minerals mined with ethically questionable techniques that may negatively impact humans or the environment, our sustainable sodium-ion batteries will go a long way in helping you meet industrial ESG compliance standards. In addition, our batteries last longer, raising efficiency and reducing downtime.


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