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Natron Energy Batteries

Natron Energy batteries and systems outperform lithium-ion and lead acid batteries in power density, recharging speed, and expected lifecycle thanks to our unique sodium-ion battery technology.

Chemistry into currents

Turning Chemistry into Currents.

Unlike other sodium-ion battery options, Natron Energy’s unique sodium-ion cell uses Prussian blue electrodes to create a safer, more powerful battery that operates at an extremely wide temperature range.

Build America. Buy America. With products sourced from minerals readily available in the U.S. and manufactured in Michigan, Natron Energy is a U.S. company that meets BABA requirements.

“Natron’s sodium-ion battery chemistry uses no conflict minerals, so they support our commitment to the environment, and their batteries are designed and manufactured in the United States.”
Wes Swenson | CEO Novva

BluePack™ Critical Power Battery

Designed for 48V to 480V critical power applications, the BluePack™ Critical Power Battery offers unparalleled safety along with the highest power and longest life on the market.

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes or less, ready immediately

  • No settling or thermal waiting required

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

  • >50,000 deep discharge cycles

  • Twice the power of lithium-ion

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Natron Bluepack Battery
"The DG Matrix multi-port EV fast charger using Natron BluePack™ sodium-ion batteries is not only sustainable, but also highly cost effective. Its industry-leading efficiency, power density, speed and ease of deployment offer the best overall total cost of ownership. We look forward to collaborating with Natron as they continue to roll out their advanced chemistry sodium-ion batteries.”
Haroon Inam | CEO DG Matrix

BlueRack™ 250 Battery Cabinet

As a scalable power platform from 25 kW to multi-MW, the BlueRack™ Battery Cabinet delivers safe, reliable power on demand.

  • Rapid Cycle-Rate 100-0 100% SOC repeatedly no wait

  • Industry leading power capacity and performance

  • Full recharge in 15 minutes, ready immediately

  • Non-flammable chemistry and construction

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Bluerack 250 Battery Crop

BlueTray™ 4000

Safe and high-powered, the BlueTray™ 4000 is a rack-mounted battery pack that delivers long life to critical power applications.

  • Up to twice the power of lead acid with full discharge in as fast as 30 seconds

  • Battery life exceeds rack life with over 50,000 cycles

  • Lower CAPEX and improved 5-year TCO compared to traditional batteries

  • Significantly improves PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)—no dedicated cooling required

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Natron BlueTray Battery
“Compass is growing fast. For us to meet demand, we need a battery backup partner that can meet the speed-to-market we require for rapid deployment with zero compromises on safety. Boom! Natron was it.”
Chris Crosby | CEO, Compass

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