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Natron Energy Technology

The Chemistry Behind the World’s Greatest Batteries.

While battery technology containing sodium has been around for over a century, Natron Energy is the first to truly unlock the benefits of sodium-ion batteries with the use of a family of electrodes known as Prussian blue.

Natron Energy BluePack

A Big Blue Breakthrough.

Like traditional lithium-ion and lead acid batteries, Natron battery cells have a positive electrode (cathode), a negative electrode (anode), a porous separator between the two electrodes, along with a paste-like, non-aqueous electrolyte that enables charge (ions) to pass back and forth between the electrodes. The atoms in Prussian blue particles are arranged in large, cubic cages with empty spaces (pores) between them. Since the pores in Prussian blue are larger than sodium ions, they are able to rapidly absorb and release those ions in a process called intercalation. This rapid intercalation is the key benefit of Natron’s sodium-ion battery technology and sets it apart from other conventional storage materials found in lithium-ion and lead acid cells.

Less Strain Means Longer Life.

The Prussian blue structure also does not expand and contract as it charges and discharges sodium ions. This “zero strain” mechanism means greater chemical stability and less particle degradation that limits cycle life in other batteries.

Friction caused by many lithium-Ion battery chemistries as shown above can lead to thermal runaway and fire.
Natron batteries on the production line

Supply Chain Stability

In addition, Natron’s Prussian blue is based on either a blend of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) or pure manganese, which means Natron’s batteries never face the supply chain challenges you’ll find with conventional lithium-ion cells or other sodium-ion technologies that require nickel and other expensive minerals.

Build America. Buy America. With products sourced from minerals readily available in the U.S. and manufactured in Michigan, Natron Energy is a U.S. company that meets BABA requirements.

The Formula for Success.

By using patented Prussian blue chemistry, Natron is elevating the benefits of sodium-ion batteries, demonstrating clear advantages over traditional lithium-ion battery technology and providing a safer, more powerful, sustainable battery solution.


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