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Power Perfected.

When it comes to battery performance, our sodium-ion batteries are transforming what’s possible with industrial power.

Natron Energy Better Performance

Better Performance Through Better Chemistry.

Natron’s patented Prussian blue electrodes improve battery performance by storing and transferring sodium ions faster, more often, and with lower internal resistance than any other commercial battery, which means:

  • Zero strain during charge/discharge

  • 10x faster cycling

  • Over 50,000 cycle life

Natron batteries deliver more power, more often, and faster than any other chemistry.

Battery Performance on a Different Level.

  • Our batteries have a maximum sustained power-per-energy up to four times higher than lithium-ion and more than five times higher than lead acid batteries.

  • Our batteries deploy their energy load immediately with no settling or thermal waiting.

  • In addition, Natron sodium-ion batteries deliver up to 10 times as many deep discharges as lithium-ion batteries and 50 times as many as lead acid batteries.

Energy Density

Practical Pack Energy Eensity, Wh/l, 1 hour

High Power

Max Sustained Power per Energy (W/Wh)

Recharge Time

Cycle Life

Deep Discharge Cycle Life

Natron BluePacks in a server rack

Best in Class Operating Temperature Range

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries also operate at a temperature range that far exceeds other battery types.

  • Operating Range 0 to 45℃ / 32 to 113℉

  • Rated Transportation Range -20 to 45℃ / -4 to 113℉

  • Nominal Range 10 to 20℃ / 50 to 68℉

There When You Need It.

Our batteries aren’t just powerful, they’re also available. Made from abundant materials, our batteries can be produced at any time with production lines that are always ready and a supply chain that’s always secure.


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