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Safer, High-Power Batteries Perfect for Defense Applications

Natron Energy Batteries

Powering Today’s Defense Technologies and Tomorrow’s Innovations.

While the world of defense continues to evolve, one thing has always been constant, and today is growing along with evolving military technologies – the need for reliable, safe, and easy-to-maintain power. Natron batteries are non-flammable, operate in a wider range of temperatures, and offer a level of performance other defense and military battery options simply can’t match.

As our safety videos demonstrate, a Natron battery cell can even be shot by a gun, penetrated by a drill bit or hole saw, or even be cut in half and there is no safety risk whatsoever. And the cell continues to produce electricity! There simply is not another battery chemistry more ideal for mission critical military and defense applications where safety is the most important requirement.

Mobility Matters.

Unlike lithium-ion options, our high-power batteries are incapable of thermal runaway, won’t explode or catch fire, and deliver big performance without the need for big containment, saving you space, weight, and expense. A Critical Component - Our battery cells deliver big power for a number of military applications.

Redefining Power at Natron Energy

Redefining Power on Land, Sea, and Space.

Natron Energy’s sodium-ion battery’s combination of reliable unsurpassed power, smaller footprint, and superior safety is proving to be a real asset to shipboard use, ground power, missile systems, as well as NASA space-based use.


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