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Growth Trajectory

A Battery is Born.

Colin Wessells founded Natron Energy as a Stanford Ph.D. student in 2012. His vision to build a company to deliver ultra-safe, high-power batteries started in a garage in Palo Alto. After countless hours of development with an ever-growing team of scientists and engineers, Natron expanded, creating a state-of-the-art pilot production line for sodium-ion batteries in Santa Clara, California.

An Industry First.

In 2020, Natron became the world’s first sodium-ion battery to achieve a UL 1973 listing for our battery. It was an achievement that allowed us to begin commercial shipments to customers in the data center, forklift, and EV fast-charging markets.

Meeting a Growing Demand.

Since our technology leverages standard, existing lithium-ion manufacturing techniques, we were able to scale quickly and increase our manufacturing capacity when needed.

North America’s Only Mass-Scale Sodium-Ion Plant Opens.

2024 was a big year for Natron Energy, as we significantly scaled up production with the opening of our Holland, Michigan, factory ­– the first factory of its kind in North America.

What’s Ahead.

As more and more companies discover the difference our unique technology can make both to their ESG compliance and their bottom line, Natron Energy will continue to meet growing demand as we also expand into new and exciting industries.


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