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Natron Energy’s sodium-ion battery technology is redefining the battery industry and changing the way a growing number of industries look at power.

Data Center
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Data Center

With industry-leading lifecycle power capacity, Natron Energy’s sodium-ion batteries offer tremendous reliability along with a level of safety you won’t find with lithium-ion or lead acid options.

EV Charging
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EV Fast Charging

Natron Energy sodium-ion batteries can provide a quick charge to a vehicle regardless of power available from the grid, helping to ease grid load by as much as 50%. And then, with power from the grid, Natron batteries can recharge faster than any other battery technology.

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Delivering ROI while also addressing ESG concerns, our sodium-ion batteries excel in a number of industrial applications that need a reliable and long-lasting power source.

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Our sodium-ion batteries take up minimal space, can handle inrush current, and deliver the high power needed to ensure reliability and safety of BESS and Micro-grid systems.

Defense ship
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From shipboard use to missile systems to mobile technology, today’s military needs batteries for scores of applications. Natron Energy offers batteries that meet the unique needs of defense without requiring the costly, space-consuming containment systems of others in the battery industry.