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Reliable Performance & Uncompromising Safety

Natron’s sodium-ion battery packs the most peak-power and cycles safely into a production battery.

Introducing BlueTray® 4000

Natron’s BlueTray 4000 in a standard 1U 19-inch rackmount configuration delivers 4kW at 48V DC over a 2-minute discharge with a 6kW peak power rating, recharges in 8-minutes, and can cycle >50,000 times. Based on Natron’s core Prussian Blue battery technology, the Bluetray is UL listed and available for purchase. For complete product specifications see our brochure and specification sheet.


Cycle Lifetime

Rapid Recharge

In 8 Minutes


UL 1973 Approved


No Fire Hazard
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Manufactured on Standard Production Lines

Sodium-ion batteries take advantage of standard lithium-ion pouch cell production lines while benefiting from a more sustainable chemistry. Natron’s cells do not rely on rare earth materials like cobalt nor do they have a long, questionable supply chain like lithium. Made from commodity materials including aluminum, iron, manganese, and sodium-ions (~68% of the earth’s surface is covered with salt water) Natron’s cells, modules, and battery represent a responsible alternative to lead and lithium batteries.

Volume Production Ready
Secure Supply Chain
Environmentally & Socially Responsible
Safe for Air Transport

After extensive market review and engineering studies we selected Natron’s BlueTray 4000 for our Edge Data Center applications instead of lead or lithium batteries as Natron provided a better fit to our workloads, higher peak capacity, a much wider temperature operating range that we need here in Arizona, and the flexibility to scale quickly.
David Binger
President Forced Physics-DCT

Featured Integration Partners

Solutions for Data Centers

Delivering the cornerstone for a carbon-neutral data center eco-system.

Solutions for Industrial Mobility

Maximizing asset utilization and minimizing operating expenses.

Solutions for Telecom

Powerful, long life, and 100% fire safe batteries for critical telecom infrastructure.

EV Fast Charging

Natron’s battery recharges rapidly, and is ready to charge vehicles faster than any other battery technology.

Solutions for Customers

Keep your business going using the latest innovation in battery technology. Natron works with your current tech stack while improving workflow when the power grid is on or off.

Solutions for Integration Partners

Natron batteries are available from our strategic partners as stand-alone batteries or complete integrated solutions to fit your application.

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power