Announcement: Natron Energy currently offers BlueTray, BluePack, and BlueRack battery systems for use with industrial power equipment only. Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products. If you purchased any type of Natron battery or battery module from a 3rd party, please read this important disclaimer:


Natron batteries are available from our strategic partners as stand-alone batteries or complete integrated solutions to fit your application.

UL9540A / NFPA855
Facilitates system design, approval, and permitting

LONGLIFEImproves TCO reduces O&M expenses

PERMITANYWHEREHassle free indoor and outdoor applications

Complete solutions are available now

Natron takes great pride in our industry lead ing sodium-ion batteries that enable our strategic partners to design, engineer, and deliver best-in-class solutions. Solutions that are inherently safe with no risk of thermal runaway or explosion under any conditions. Solutions that deliver high peak-power, are capable of frequent cycling with a service life exceeding 50,000 cycles, and can be recharged in as little as six minutes.

Our partners deliver a wide-range of complete solutions ranging from battery cabinets, enclosures, and interconnect cable assemblies to UPSs, rectifier/inverter systems, telecom power plants to software defined power systems, battery energy storage systems, grid-tied energy services, and a host of OEM, embedded, transportation/mobility, and other custom solutions. We encourage you to explore their capabilities and portfolios.

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One of our application engineers will gladly review your requirements with you to identify the best battery / system / solution to fit your industrial power application.

Stand-alone batteries are available in low volume from our stocking partner C&C Power.

For volume and OEM requirements please consult the factory.

Featured Partner Integrations

Software Defined Power with Natron BlueTray 4000


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Natron’s batteries enable data center operators to deliver new levels of redundancy and availability, create new revenue streams, provide power on-demand wherever needed in the IT stack without overloading the exiting UPS, PDU, beakers or power delivery system. Now a Tier II or Tier III data center can safely deploy batteries within the IT cabinet, row, aisle creating new levels of availability and redundancy without compromising fire & life safety. Only Natron provides complete public access to their unredacted UL9540A test results.