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Solutions for Data Centers

Delivering the cornerstone for a carbon-neutral data center eco-system.

Industry-leading lifecycle power capacity

Natron BlueTray® 4000

Natron’s BlueTray 4000 delivers 4kW of safe, sustainable back-up power in an industry standard 19-inch rack-mount package. Designed for extremely rapid charge/discharge, >50,000 cycles, a constant state of readiness, with unmatched safety (UL 9540A, UL 1973), and wide operating environment Natron’s sodium-ion battery delivers performance without compromise.


The space of Lead Acid


Savings over 10 years

Zero thermal runaway

Edge – Delivered

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries are uniquely suited for demanding Edge applications where safety, availability, peak-power capacity, wide operating environment, and long life-cycle are key to delivering mission critical IT services. Services that all too often won’t wait for a truck roll. The BlueTray 4000 helps ABB deliver on their availability promise for Edge Cabinet applications.

Rapid Recharge

No risks to secondary outages

-20 to +35C Operation

Free-air cooling compatible

No Thermal Runaway

Deployable on the data center floor


Safely deploy anywhere, quickly

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries are a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional batteries offering rapid charge and discharge without degrading. This is a game changer for data centers. Dean Nelson
CEO Virtual Power Systems

Natron Advantage for New or Refurbished Data Centers

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power