Announcement: Natron Energy currently offers BlueTray, BluePack, and BlueRack battery systems for use with industrial power equipment only. Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products. If you purchased any type of Natron battery or battery module from a 3rd party, please read this important disclaimer:

Solutions for Data Centers

Delivering the cornerstone for a carbon-neutral data center eco-system.

Industry-leading lifecycle power capacity

BluePack Critical Power Battery

The Natron BluePack battery is a 25kW, 48 volt building block for systems up to 812 volts. Standard configurations are 10-string for 480 volt critical power applications and 14-string configuration for 672 volt industrial applications. It is designed for extremely rapid charge/discharge, providing between 50,000 & 100,000 discharge cycles depending on application. It is incapable of thermal runaway and operates at extremely wide temperature ranges. Having twice the power of lithium-ion, it’s a safer alternative that is also responsibly and ethically sourced. This battery is designed for applications including Data Centers, UPSs, Telecom, EV Fast Charging, Fuel Cells, Motive/GSE, Industrial Power/Decarbonization, Grid Services – Peak Shaving, Dark Starting, Grid Forming, etc.

Specs at a glance

  • Applications from 48v to 812v
  • Designed for backup power, EV fast charging, decarbonization and peak shaving
  • Full recharge capability in 15 minutes or less, ready immediately

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Natron BlueTray® 4000

Natron’s BlueTray 4000 delivers 4kW of safe, sustainable back-up power in an industry standard 19-inch rack-mount package. Designed for extremely rapid charge/discharge, >50,000 cycles, a constant state of readiness, with unmatched safety (UL 9540A, UL 1973), and wide operating environment Natron’s sodium-ion battery delivers performance without compromise.


The space of Lead Acid


Savings over 10 years

Zero thermal runaway

Edge – Delivered

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries are uniquely suited for demanding Edge applications where safety, availability, peak-power capacity, wide operating environment, and long life-cycle are key to delivering mission critical IT services. Services that all too often won’t wait for a truck roll. The BlueTray 4000 helps ABB deliver on their availability promise for Edge Cabinet applications.

Rapid Recharge

No risks to secondary outages

-20 to +35C Operation

Free-air cooling compatible

No Thermal Runaway

Deployable on the data center floor


Safely deploy anywhere, quickly

Natron’s sodium-ion batteries are a safe, sustainable alternative to traditional batteries offering rapid charge and discharge without degrading. This is a game changer for data centers. Dean Nelson
CEO Virtual Power Systems

Natron Advantage for New or Refurbished Data Centers

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power