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Solutions for EV
Fast Charging

Reducing grid loads and demand charges.

Support multiple vehicle charges without expensive electric system upgrades.

Natron Sodium-ion Battery Modules

Natron technology will be deployed with EV Fast Chargers on the University of California San Diego campus under a CEC grant. The batteries act as a reservoir of energy that can be tapped on demand to charge vehicles, much like the fuel storage tanks at gas stations. Natron’s battery recharges rapidly, and is ready to charge vehicles faster than any other battery technology.

Rapid RechargeMeans more vehicles charged per day
up to


Reduction in load to grid

Cycles for long project lifetimes

Better performance through better chemistry

Natron’s patented Prussian blue electrodes store and transfer sodium-ions faster, more often, and with lower internal resistance than any other commercial battery. With zero strain during charge / discharge, 10x faster cycling, and an over 50,000 cycle-life Natron’s sodium-ion batteries represent the future of industrial mobility.

Rapid Recharge

100% asset availability

-20 to +35C Operation

No cooling circuits required

Reduced Maintenance

Less to maintain over time

No Thermal Runaway

Operator and Site Safety Compatible

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power