Announcement: Natron Energy currently offers BlueTray, BluePack, and BlueRack battery systems for use with industrial power equipment only. Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products. If you purchased any type of Natron battery or battery module from a 3rd party, please read this important disclaimer:

Our Mission

Natron is transforming industrial power.

About Us

We change the way the worlds biggest electricity customers use power for their businesses. Industrial power utilizes decades old, environmentally hazardous battery technology such as Lead Acid and Lithium Ion. Natron’s revolutionary Sodium Ion battery leverages Prussian Blue electrode materials to deliver a high power, high cycle life, and completely fire safe battery solution without toxic materials, rare earth elements, or conflict minerals. As the world electrifies to combat climate change, Natron will help industries transform the way they use battery energy for critical applications and processes. There have been four major battery chemistries to achieve commercial success in the last 100 years. Natron is the fifth.

Colin Wessells founded Natron Energy as a Stanford PhD student in 2012. His vision to build a company to deliver ultra-safe, high power batteries started in a garage in Palo Alto. After countless hours of development with an ever expanding team of scientists and engineers, Natron now operates a state of the art pilot production line for Sodium Ion batteries in Santa Clara, California. In 2020, Natron became the world’s first Sodium Ion battery to achieve UL 1973 listing for our battery product, and commercial shipments to customers in the data center, forklift, and EV fast charging markets began. Our technology leverages standard, existing Li-ion manufacturing techniques allowing the company to scale quickly. With supply chain and factory agreements in place, Natron’s manufacturing capacity will increase 200x in 2022.

Our team is diverse, resilient, and creative. Those are the qualities we need to accomplish what no-one has done before: deliver commercial sodium-ion battery products at a massive scale. Sure, we’ve got some crazy smart scientists and engineers, but we also have the most dedicated and inventive battery manufacturing team around. Natron is growing fast to meet our customer demands. If you want to transform the battery industry with us, please have a look at our job openings. We’re hiring for roles across the board.

Help us create safe, sustainable, long-life energy storage for demanding industries.