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3rd Party Sales Disclaimer

Natron Energy is aware that Natron battery modules have been offered for sale by certain individuals via the internet.

Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products nor as consumer-oriented products. There is no UL listing on these modules because they are a sub-component of a finished product.

Natron uses a patented, unique, high-power battery chemistry, and these modules should not be used for experimentation or DIY projects, nor should they be used by anyone not trained and equipped with the appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). These cells and modules present an arc-flash hazard and the risk of electrical shock if used inappropriately.

Any Natron battery modules or cells being sold on the internet or elsewhere are not authorized sales from Natron Energy or any of our sales agents. The only products available for sale by Natron Energy or an authorized sales agent are for field trials with identified industry partners and are our BlueTray, BluePack, and Blue Rack designed for use with industrial power equipment only. The battery modules are not consumer-oriented products, which we do not sell to individuals under any circumstances.

Natron specifically disclaims any and all liability for any sale or use of our sub-components such as cells and modules, and for any sale made by any person or entity other than Natron Energy or an authorized sales agent, as shown on our Sales Partners web page.