Announcement: Natron Energy currently offers BlueTray, BluePack, and BlueRack battery systems for use with industrial power equipment only. Natron Energy does not sell battery modules or battery cells as finished products. If you purchased any type of Natron battery or battery module from a 3rd party, please read this important disclaimer:

Battery Safety

At Natron – we believe battery safety starts at the cell level. We don’t care how many circuits you bolt onto an unsafe cell or how much metal / carbon fiber you wrap around a battery, if the fundamental cell is not 100% safe under all test conditions you are asking for trouble.

See why Natron batteries are the safest solution for your business

This video was made by trained professionals in a safe, controlled environment and replicates many of the tests called out by UL 9540A. Natron is the only battery manufacture making their complete UL 9540A test report available to the public in unredacted format without the need to hide behind a non-disclosure agreement. You may download our report here.

How safe are your batteries?

Don’t take our word for it. Read the reports. Parse through all the available safety data. Explore what happens when you start with a less-than-safe cell to build a battery. Examine the implications of an unsafe cell when dealing with NFPA 855 and complying with local building, fire, and life safety codes.

Stay up to date on the latest battery and energy storage news. And stay alert as marketing professionals will downplay fires and fire risks with code phrases like – a thermal event.

Solutions for Data Centers

Delivering the cornerstone for a carbon-neutral data center eco-system.

Solutions for Industrial Mobility

Maximizing asset utilization and minimizing operating expenses.

Solutions for Telecom

Powerful, long life, and 100% fire safe batteries for critical telecom infrastructure.

EV Fast Charging

Natron’s battery recharges rapidly, and is ready to charge vehicles faster than any other battery technology.

Solutions for Customers

Keep your business going using the latest innovation in battery technology. Natron works with your current tech stack while improving workflow when the power grid is on or off.

Solutions for Integration Partners

Natron batteries are available from our strategic partners as stand-alone batteries or complete integrated solutions to fit your application.

Natron transforms the way business uses industrial power